When you think of a situation where you might need a plumber I’m sure you picture a clogged sink or toilet and some guy with a plumber’s crack coming out to fix it.  But while this is definitely a scenario where you would need a plumber, we are here to tell you that plumbers do so much more than that!

Plumbers actually service a wide range of areas and functionalities in your home, many of which you might not expect. 

#1 Your Doing a Bathroom Renovation

Let’s start with an obvious one – when you are giving your bathroom a much needed revamp, calling a plumber is probably a very good idea before you start hitting walls with a sledge hammer… as fun as that might sound.  This is because plumbing has to be mapped out prior to any demolition taking place to make sure that any drastic changes such as swapping a toilet and shower around, can be achieved with the sewer positioning.  Installing a new bathroom can be disruptive enough as it is, so enlisting the help of a professional plumber reduces the chances of you being hit with any unexpected delays or budget blowouts with accidental damage during installation.  Sounds like a no brainer to us!

#2 You Think You Can Smell A Gas Leak

If you think you can smell a gas leak then this is immediately considered an emergency and you should call a plumber as soon as possible.  What makes a gas leak so bad?  A gas leak can cause a series of serious problems, including loss of consciousness, coordination and memory, can cause extreme fatigue as well as other health problems such as poisoning, nose bleeds, flatulence, depression and flu-like symptoms.  And then of course there is also the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

So how do you know when you might have a gas leak?  Look for signs such as the smell of sulphur or rotten eggs, an orange/yellow glow on your pilot light, your household feeling sick, or an unusually, unexplainably high gas bill.  If you are unsure, we believe it is always better to be safe than sorry.

#3 Your Hot Water Isn’t Working

So you’ve finally crawled out of bed, and you know exactly what you need to get yourself going for the day… a nice hot shower of course!  But nothing quite prepares you for that chilling moment when you jump in and feel like someone has unleashed an avalanche through your showerhead.   While you sit there shivering in despair, you could call out a plumber who will have your water reaching new temperature heights in no time at all.  After quickly detecting the problem and providing you with a solution, you can get back to your warm shower and get on with your day!

#4 You Want to Install A Skylight

When you think of roofing you might not immediately think of a plumber, but they actually play a vital role.  So when you decide that a skylight would be the perfect new feature to add some wow factor to your home, it’s a great idea to consult with a plumber first, in fact it is necessary.  Most people don’t know this, but it is actually a requirement that all pergolas and skylights be installed by a certified plumber.  A plumber can assist you in deciding on the perfect placement for the skylight and also make sure that it is installed correctly, so you don’t have any unexpected water features down the track.

#5 Your Backyard Keeps Flooding

Listening to the rainfall outside can be very peaceful and soothing… but not when it creates a miniature swamp in your front yard!  If you experience constant wet grass, muddy backyards and the smell of moisture in the house every time there is a slight downpour it may mean that your stormwater drainage isn’t quite doing what it should.  As the name suggests stormwater refers to any run-off water from your garden, downpipes, patio, driveway and roof that accumulates and flows away directly to the waterways.  So if there is an accumulation of water it could mean that there is a blockage somewhere in your stormwater drainage line, there is poor drainage in the soil and the stormwater or there are insufficient drains around the retaining walls.  Either way it might be time to call out a plumber… unless of course you like your Shrek like swamp in which case, carry on.

So as you can see, plumbers like those at Melbourne General Plumbing Services, do so much more than just unblock a clogged drain.  They can assist with a magnitude of everyday problems that may pop up around your home or office.  If you aren’t sure which service you may require, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with the friendly team at MGPS to discuss your requirements and we will have everything running smoothly again in no time at all!



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