Are you happy with your builder?


Whether you are building your first home, a new home, building units or renovating, it is a big investment. Your time and your money are at risk if things go wrong. That is why it is so important to choose the right builder. While budget will always be a factor, you should never compromise quality for price. Your priority should be finding a builder who can bring your vision to life. At MGPS we have experience in renovations and executing what our clients desire. We had a case study in Rye, where the clients wanted to renovate their ensuite. The renovation turned out to be a complete redo and update as there was mould and rot detected within the flooring.

When you choose a builder, you are entering into a long-term relationship with someone, that means there needs to be good communication, trust and commitment. The best way to determine if a builder is right for you, spend more time talking to them. Do they share your vision and enthusiasm for the project? Do they respond quickly to queries? Are they happy to answer all of your questions? Do you have a good rapport with them?
A good relationship with your builder usually leads to good results, go with your gut.
Research shows that most of the problems that arise during building projects are caused by a breakdown in communication and a lack of understanding between clients and builders. Here at MGPS pride ourselves on transparency, open communications and always doing the right thing by our client first and foremost.

When deciding on a builder, you don’t just want any builder. You want someone who is educated, who has a good track record, a good builder will have a reliable network of trades and suppliers.
Builders will be aware of potential pitfalls and can help you avoid problems during planning and construction. This will result in more efficient, better quality build, it will also minimise the risk of costly project delays. Remember time equals money. Melbourne General Plumbing Services want to educate more people on choosing the right builder from the beginning.

As the owner of the project, remember to be mindful that during work hours, your builder or tradesman may have questions, being available is important. You are spending a lot of money to have something done right. Just like in your job, unexpected things can go wrong, being available to answer questions can be cost effective as they can rectify things in a timely manner.
Check in on the process, have a look at how the job is going during the day, it is easier to take a proper look at the project with good lighting. MGPS often makes a point to catch up with the owner to go over everything that has been done or needs to be done. We want you to be a part of the journey, a part of the team.

Builders that do have a good network of tradesmen will often be in partnership with plumbers and electricians. It is important to know what their roles are. Do your research on the trades that your builder provides, you do not have to go with the trades that builder supplies.
Melbourne General plumbing services cover everything from sanitary, wet areas, drainage, gas fitting to roofing.
Often builders will subcontract out certain jobs to different people, it is great to have your own trusted guys to do certain things for you. If you have one company complete all plumbing services for you, you can rest easy at night knowing that everything has been done correctly. Imagine having to call 10 different people or companies or figure out who did what at your house! No thank you!
MGPS is a one stop shop, as we mentioned early regarding the Rye ensuite job. We were able to complete all of the work required just through the tradesman that MGPS provided. When you trust your builder you trust their tradesman.

After Rye ensuite

Already have a builder?

Finding the right builder off the bat is great but what if you have a builder and you are not 100 percent happy with them, what do you do then?
Do you find a new builder? Do you start again? Do you try and just push through it to get the job done?

Once you have accepted a tender you are locked into that builder for better or worse and you will need to go with the flow of the builder’s work. Sacking your builder should be seen as a matter of last resort. Being reasonable but assertive is the best way to manage the builder/client relationship.

BUT DID YOU KNOW that if you are building or renovating, you do not need to use the builders plumber? Plumbing is self regulated and is why plumbing works valued $750 or more require a certificate of compliance. The certificate of compliance is issued on completion of the work. This certifies that the work complies with the law and will provide you with 7 years warranty, much like builders warranty.

What to do when…..

Work stops at your site?

Most building companies have several other jobs on the go at once and means labourers from your site go to another when required. This can leave building work dormant for a while. The best thing to do is to remain on good terms with your builder and insist that a minimum number of hours per week be spent on your job.

What happens if the weather stops work?

Be reasonable with your builder when weather delays work. It is unsafe and ultimately not an economical use of time to work in extreme rain or wind. You would rather the labourers stop work than hang around on site and they get paid for unproductive time.

My builder keeps giving me excuses…

Go to your site regularly and ask the builder or foreman questions about anything you are unsure or unhappy with. Do not allow them to brush you off with jargon or a “she’ll be right” kind of attitude, you are paying for it all so you have a right to know what is going on. Don’t take “I don’t know” for an answer.

Finding a builder you trust is the most important part, whether you are looking for a builder to start your first project or you are an experienced developer looking for a new builder. Always make sure to do your research.

When choosing Dave from MGPS feel confident that you have made the right decision. Dave has been servicing residential, commercial and industrial clients across the southeast region for decades. When you hire Dave and the team, know you are dealing with an experienced and highly skilled team. Melbourne General Plumbing Services pride themselves on the quality of their work, their service and their honesty.



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