When you think of a situation where you might need a plumber I’m sure you picture a clogged sink or toilet and some guy with a plumber’s crack coming out to fix it.  But while this is definitely a scenario where you would need a plumber, we are here to tell you that plumbers do […]

Tooyal Road Roof

This particular client came to me as they are selling their business. The roof had been leaking for a few years and the client had always just repaired the roof themselves. When it came down to selling the business, the factory was in pretty rough space and the purchaser was not too impressed by the […]

Case Study Pearcedale

Today we wanted to write an article that showcases an incredible and slightly unusual job that Melbourne General Plumbing Services recently completed in Pearcedale. Melbourne General Plumbing Services were initially approached by the owners for a rather simple job at their home. When we arrived at the property to complete the works we found that […]

Are you happy with your builder?


Whether you are building your first home, a new home, building units or renovating, it is a big investment. Your time and your money are at risk if things go wrong. That is why it is so important to choose the right builder. While budget will always be a factor, you should never compromise quality […]

Ensuite Renovation in Rye

After Rye ensuite

Our amazing clients in Rye got in touch with us through a referral, they came to us wanting a completely new bathroom, they felt as if their ensuite was outdated and in desperate need of a facelift and a lot of maintenance. The clients expressed to us they had issues with a lack of storage, […]

MGPS – Emergency works


When your plumbing works properly everything is fine. But, if something goes wrong, you want someone there as quickly as possible. But, it’s not just as simple as someone turning up. You want to trust that the person that the plumbing team that you have called is qualified and reputable.    Today I wanted to […]