Did you know that not all roofing materials can be used together?


The wrong combinations can cause issues. For instance, if combined and installed together incorrectly, galvanised steel and zincalume can cause electrolysis in the presence of rain. If this occurs, your roof can quickly erode. 

It’s not all bad though. In this article, we wanted to share with you some of the benefits and drawbacks.

Benefits of Metal Roofing

Long-Lasting – Unlike some other roofing materials, metal roofing is generally longer lasting. It will require replacement less often than tiles or other roof options.

Strength – Metal roofing is strong. Roof sheets don’t damage or split like roof tiles do, meaning they generally add to the overall strength of your building.

Lightweight – Compared to other roofing material, metal sheets are lightweight, meaning you may need less structural support within the building, reducing your building costs and the need for structural engineers. 

Quick Installation – Because metal roofing generally consists of larger sheets, the installation of a metal roof is generally quicker than installing a roof made of other roofing materials.

Minimal Roof Pitch and rain shedding – Larger sheets and the strength of metal mean that you don’t need to instal a metal roof at as steep a pitch as other roofing materials. You are also less likely to see pools of water (or snow) as it is dispersed more easily. 

Drawbacks of Metal Roofing

Cost – Metal roofing is not the cheapest option available to you. If cost is a factor, metal roofing may not be your best option. However, you should look at metal roofing as an investment. As mentioned above, metal roofing is long-lasting. 

Noise – Many people don’t like the sounds that metal roofs make.  They can make significant noise in the rain and also noise when exapanding and contracting in the heat and cold.  

Expansion and Contraction – Metal expands and contracts depending on the temperature. Hot and cold weather will cause your roof to move. If the expansion and contraction is large, and the wrong fasteners are used, it can cause fastenings to loosen. This can cause damage and roof leaks – potentially worse. 

Can make access to the roof difficult – Because of the large sheets used in metal roofing, if you need access to the roof to run cables, i.e. putting in new lights etc, access to the roof cavity can be difficult. You may have to remove and replace large sheets and this can be somewhat difficult and time-consuming. 

Adding service to and through the roof can be difficult – More thought needs to go into running other services through the roof because you block the “ribs/trays”, meaning you can end up with water pooling on your roof as apprised to other roofs being flashed with lead. 

Many of these drawbacks mentioned can be minimised and mitigated by using the right professionals. If you have quality roof plumbers install your roof you are less likely to see these issues. 

We are the experts that you need to speak with. If your roof needs some repair, or perhaps a total replacement, chat to our roofing experts so we can discuss the right solution to your needs. 
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