Domestic Gas Cooking Appliances and range hoods – Is your kitchen compliant?


Today I wanted to talk about range hoods and gas cooking appliances. I’ve seen too many installed inappropriately (and somewhat dangerously.) I wanted to share with you this information as it’s something you need to know. If you don’t think that your gas cooktop and rangehood is installed correctly, please get in touch to organise for us to come out and check it is compliant for you.  


Here’s the regulation for you:


AS/NZS 5601.1:2013 sets out the following guidelines with respect to rangehoods and gas appliances: Domestic gas cooking appliances in combined living/sleeping areas


In a combined living/sleeping area, a domestic cooking appliance shall only be installed under a rangehood or exhaust fan which is ducted to outside.

We don’t necessarily feel that self-installation is the best option for your rangehood. They are an important part of your kitchen and they serve an important purpose. They draw out steam, smoke and odours from your stove top. They are also an important part of perfect combustion for your gas cooktop, they draw the bi products of combustion out (carbon dioxide, water vapour), so that fresh air is drawn to the burners allowing  for constant complete combustion. An incorrectly ducted rangehood will allow carbon dioxide to recycle back into the cooktop, causing incomplete combustion, producing carbon monoxide in your kitchen and house.


To ensure it’s ducted properly you’ll need professional installation from a plumber. You’ll also need any powerpoints and wiring sorted on installation. It’s simply not safe to do it yourself.  


Rangehood installation need not be cost prohibitive. You don’t need to worry about cutting corners. It’s better to get it installed correctly and to regulation than to worry about fixing problems later on.


We can help you with your installation across metropolitan Melbourne. We have many years experience and our team can cater to any job – big or small. Our friendly plumbers know how to ensure your rangehood installation meets all industry requirements – like the outside ducting mentioned above. Other regulations include height limits and other procedures. Don’t risk making a mistake by installing your rangehood yourself.

You won’t get better service from anyone else. We’ve had many years experience, and we have all the required licences. We’ll ensure you have peace of mind, knowing your rangehood is installed safely and securely, with the appropriate regulations followed. We pride ourselves on a clean installation and cleaning up after ourselves. 

Here are some other benefits you’ll get from dealing with the our team.

You’ll know when we’re coming – We set clear appointments with our clients. You’ll know when to expect us. If something unexpected happens, we’ll contact you well in advance to ensure that you know that things have changed.

You’ll know that your installation will be professional – Our plumbers are all professionally qualified and we always ensure our staff employ best practices. You can be assured that your rangehood is installed professionally with no shortcuts taken. 

We’ll ensure the safety of our team and anyone in your home – Our safety is important, as is yours. As mentioned above, we won’t take any shortcuts – especially when it comes to safety. 

We’ll clean up after ourselves –  We know that many tradies are messy. Our team of professionals aren’t. When we’ve finished the job we clean up after ourselves – to ensure you don’t have to.

If you need to get a new rangehood installed, or you want to make sure your existing rangehood has been installed properly, please get in touch today.



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