Ensuite Renovation in Rye

After Rye ensuite

Our amazing clients in Rye got in touch with us through a referral, they came to us wanting a completely new bathroom, they felt as if their ensuite was outdated and in desperate need of a facelift and a lot of maintenance. The clients expressed to us they had issues with a lack of storage, poor use of space, mould and water damage. They had purchased the home 5 years prior and as an older existing dwelling, things were bound to have some issues. After we inspected the situation and did our own assessment, we found after removing the shower that the shower connection had been leaking into the wall causing a lot of the water damage.

After the removal of the shower, we then decided to start from absolute scratch, removing everything in the bathroom to assess the extent of the damage. During the process we discovered that the floor needed to be completely replaced as well as some of the plaster work. Once we completed rectifying these issues to make sure there would be no further problems we were able to move onto waterproofing the ensuite to prevent any other issues reoccurring.

The existing ensuite had a small enclosed shower in the corner, a small vanity with a tiny cupboard for storage underneath the sink and a lot of dead space that couldn’t be used.
We reconfigured the entire space, we repositioned the shower to the width of the room with a built in niche for storage to maximise the space and give it an open feel. Storage was a huge factor so to add more storage within the ensuite we added a wall hung vanity with space under the sink, an in wall cistern toilet was a nib wall which lined up nicely with the overhead shaving cabinets. The overhead mirrored shaving cabinets created an illusion of more space and added a brighter feel to the ensuite as it has 4m ceilings. Trying to bring that natural light down into the space, the colour palette used was very neutral and light.

To complete the look of the new bathroom we re painted the high window frames and exposed plaster walls around the tiled areas, cool toned LED downlights, natural wood vanity and shelving and a soft grey grout with the tiles.

All the products used were all locally sourced along with the fixtures and fittings that were supplied by Highgrove Bathrooms in Rosebud and Wall Boulevard in Coburg. All materials used were supplied by the client.The clients were clear in what they wanted, they were open to suggestions from a professional point of view but from the first point of contact that were mindful of the end result, that being more storage, funational, modern and no on going issues.

Since completing the job, the clients have been incredibly happy, supplying MGPS with a review and further business. We have an ongoing relationship and they continue to refer business and we have recently quoted a new job for them which will include a new roof.

Before Rye ensuite
After Rye ensuite


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