At MGPS we are experts when it comes to hot and cold water systems including hot water heaters, services and units. We’re available 24/7 for emergency works and for new and replacement works too.

Hot Water

Our expert plumbers are highly trained in the diagnostic, fault finding techniques associated with hot water systems; it’s such a pain when you don’t have hot water so we make it our mission to get your system back up and running. So whether it’s a hot bath, the dishes or even a drink that you need your hot water for, you can rest assured that we are MGPS will get you back up and running as soon as humanly possible.

We also cover hot water system installations and can even offer same day and weekend installations. Your existing system will be disconnected and safely disposed of by our highly skilled and accredited plumbers.

At MGPS we can offer a full hot water system replacement; we can provide a wide range of hot water heaters both gas and solar and we can offer help and guidance which will enable you to make the right purchase for you and your home. We can advise you on:

The best type of energy source for your needs (e.g. heat pump, solar, electric, gas)

The size of the system that will work best for you (this varies depending on things like the number of people who live in the property, what your hot water needs are and how many bathrooms you have)

How much space you have to play with and whether the installation should be indoors or outdoors

Temperature controls

Warranties and guarantees


We operate 24/7 every day of the year and are on hand to help you with any sort of hot water emergency; we aim to be with you within the hour.

Our plumbers will arrive promptly and well-presented ready to complete a first-class job for you at a reasonable price.

Cold Water System

Your cold water supply system is the main water supply to your property; it is connected to the city’s main supply system via a network of copper or plastic pipes and connects to a meter before branching out into different cold water outlets. Good quality tradesmen will also install emergency stop valves at various points in the property, but certainly one each for the kitchen and any bathrooms.

We at MGPS are well-versed in this type of work and we make it our mission to keep your water flowing freely, cleanly and all year round.

Whatever your issue with hot or cold water systems is, you can rest assured that we at MGPS have the expertise to resolve your problem quickly and to the highest of standards.



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