Bathrooms and Laundries

We at MGPS are in a position to offer a full start to finish new bathroom and laundry projects in partnership with our colleagues at R&M van Dorssen Builders.

By combining our expertise we are able to produce truly unique projects all finished off to an incredibly high standard.

All of the tradesmen we use are fully trained, licensed and highly experienced; this is how we can guarantee total satisfaction with your end product. This is so important to us; customer satisfaction is why we get up and come to work in the morning and we’ll do everything we can to leave you delighted with the end product.

We can renovate existing main bathroom spaces, and also create new en suites and wet rooms if you are thinking about making such an alteration to an existing bedroom for example.


We at MGPS are also able to offer full kitchen renovations due to our partnership with KUB Carrum Downs. In conjunction with KUB, we have the full range of expertise required to create bespoke kitchens that are built to simultaneously last and delight. We have experience and a breadth of knowledge across all of the key building trades.

Kitchens are often to the hub of the family home where family members come together, but it’s also a highly functional and practical place so getting the design and delivery right is of utmost importance. That’s where you need the help of experienced firms such as ours; we can combine our design “eye” which can deliver crisp and “talking point” aesthetics with all of the practical functionality that you need in a working space like a kitchen.

We can work within the confines of your existing kitchen space, or look to other space, new or existing, to help you to create the kitchen space that you’ve always dreamed of.

And that’s what we’re focussed on; the end game. We want you to be delighted and excited by the end product that we produce for you. That’s how we’ve built our reputation; by going the extra mile and putting you the customer at the centre of everything that we do.



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