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This particular client came to me as they are selling their business. The roof had been leaking for a few years and the client had always just repaired the roof themselves. When it came down to selling the business, the factory was in pretty rough space and the purchaser was not too impressed by the Do It Yourself handyman job my client had previously done and was in need of a repair to complete the transaction.

There were a few things that needed to be rectified before the purchaser would go ahead with the sale of the business. To get this particular job across the line, ¾ of the roof and to be replaced. Roof sheets had been installed over the top of the existing roof sheets rather than a new full sheet to cover the roof area and connect to the gutter.

This caused sweating within the building and early galvanic corrosion. It was very clear that the roof had in fact NOT been installed by a plumber. As an experienced plumber, I come across work fairly regularly that was done by inexperienced plumbers or not by plumbers at all. It can make my job 10 times harder when having to follow someone else’s work where they clearly did not take 100% care.

As I started the work in the factory, some things were proving to be a bit more difficult than what I originally thought. After starting the job, I needed to install 13.5 metre long sheets to the roof but unfortunately, to be loaded up onto the roof we would normally use a crane but due to the lack of space we had to use two scissors lifts to load the sheets onto the roof.

After installing the new 13.5 metre sheeting for the new roof, we installed new skylight sheets for more natural lighting and also added a whirly bird to add some ventilation.

All in all the client was over the moon with the quality of work that I produced. The scope of work in all took around a full week to complete and we were able to get the business sold and the purchaser was happy with the outcome.

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